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  • “ Hon’bl;e Supreme Court of India & High Court of A.P & ,Educational Authorities worldwide endorsed BENEFITS OF - psychological counselling must be provided to every student in an academic session. Parents and teachers may also be involved in such sessions. To prevent ragging in educational institutions/ and for schools to sensitize students about human rights, democratic values and respect for privacy and dignity of others. (At the school levels itself & NOT IN ADULTHOOD) All CBSE & EACH Affiliated schools directed to position school counsellors CBSE -No. HOD (EDUSAT)/08 March 10, 2008 Counselling to be made mandatory in schools -School based full time, Professional Counselling Services for k-12 students in each school as envisaged by Educational Authorities & by Hon’ble Supreme Court Of India; & A P HIGH COURT ORDERS Counselling to be made mandatory in schools TOI, TNN Apr 2, 2013, The secondary education departments will MAKE PROFESSIONAL counselling compulsory in schools in the state from the next academic year onwards. With rising pressures on school students, which in some cases are leading to suicides, the department is expected to issue a government order making counselling centres. Even CBSE and ICSE schools will not be spared. The right attitude is formed only at the formative period of schooling. Schools to create a conducive climate that is free from fear, anxiety and stress so that children learn joyfully and learn to work together harmoniously. School based professional counselling services are integral to educational program, a vital component in the developmental competencies of all students. (ISCA). . ”