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Check list of documents for M S / PG Diploma professional studies courses- (school counselors program) only

Selection Of Students PG Diploma School Counselors program

  • A completed admission application form along with .
  • Two copies of all official college transcripts, these must be from accredited institutions and must evidence at least a graduate degree with a minimum of 50% score. or higher.
  • Two (2) letters of professional reference recommending the candidate for the School Counseling Program. optional
  • Submit a Personal Entrance Essay – comprising


Part I: 



This essay should be, at minimum, 300 words in length. Please explain why you have chosen to enter the field of counseling at this particular time in your life.


Part II:

This essay should be, at minimum, 500 words in length. (OPTIONAL IN SOME CASES)

  • Identify the elements that you feel are essential to developing a successful helping relationship from both the client and counselor’s perspectives.
  • Please discuss what issues may have a negative impact on the helping relationship and, as a counselor, how you deal with such issues.
  • All applicants, volunteers /enthusiast/veterans, and dependents of Armed Forces personnel; seeking entry via special admission procedures are encouraged to also apply with requisites in support of their application.
  • Upon receipt, the Student Support Officer will screen the application for its completion and correctness. Applications that do not contain all necessary supporting documentation, including the essay, will not be processed until all documentation is supplied.


Note: the admission to the program, a planned program of study (POS) will be prepared based on the number of credits you wish to carry each semester. This POS will then be E-mailed to you with instructions for registration and final approval of the admission to the course.
Please note that applications will not be processed without the receipt of supporting documents by the Application Closing Date.


Refund Policy – The registration fee will be returned in full if enrollment is canceled prior to the registration deadline / DISPATCH OF POS ON  SUCCESSFUL ADMISSIONS.

Application Deadlines: Rolling Admission- for professional studies (PG Diploma, All Diploma courses scheduled to be announced.Psychotherapy & counselling courses)


Application Duration:

Start Date : registration for all courses open for 2012

Closing Date: to be notified

Dispatch of POS- plan of study- on successful  admission

approval by Academic board