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Education / Training

All our courses are ODL Modes/ part time and specifically designed to be managed alongside current occupations. 

we offer well structured professional courses short and long term with suitable specializations for career and life long occupation/rich experience.

IISPSC&G,  offers a wide range of courses on School counseling and psychology leading to Certificate, Diploma and UG, masters, Specialist Diplomas. We also organize short courses/ training work shops by established trainers in counseling, psychotherapy and psychology to cater to the needs of teachers, school staff, parents, counselors, psychologists and other helping professionals engaged in social and volunteer sectors. Please click about courses being offered in ODL mode, commencing in the year 2012


1.M Sc, /PG Diploma- (PGDSC-001) School Counselors program© (PGDSC-001- School counselors program fee subsidized first time by HMJ Foundation, India with on quarterly installment payment only.)

1 A–SPDIP -001 A- Specialist Diploma School COUNSELORS PROFESSIONAL STUDIES FOR IN-Service Teachers 2.specialist diploma courses©

  • SDSC-002 school counseling program for –in service teachers/educators over 4 year teaching experience
  • SDCCY-003 counseling children & youth-
  • PGDIP PC-003A Professional college counsellors course
  • PG DIP CT&S-AC-004 Counseling theory & Skills, approaches to counseling

Graduate Diploma courses –©

Graduate DIP CBT-005 CBT and  Practical Application of CBT Skills

Certificate courses as foundation to relevant Diploma courses

CCBT 006 – CBT , Application & assessment(Foundation to Diploma course N05 )

CCCS -007., counselling skills, Theory & approaches( foundation to course code SDCSAC-004)

Graduate DIPLOMA (CC&NS 008 Diploma)-Children care and nursery skills (INCL Counselling skills for children) NURSERY/PRIMARY PROFESSIONAL STUDIES COURSE(course CCNS 008 duration of the course- 8 hours per week -total 150 hours plus 16 hours internship- option to complete the assignments early by increasing your study hours.)DETAILED INFO ON DEMAND

(B A -PSS-009) U G COURSE -3 YEARS FOR 10+2 PASS STUDENTS-FOR CAREERS IN NGOs and Social Sector services


One day workshop on current topics, public /youth concerned/related issues:-

Special reduced fee, enrollment/admission/participation –please note details as under

  • for first time limited number of  participants – (10% reduced fee for disadvantaged students and defense personnel , students studying under graduate with Psychology/sociology)
  • Fee is exclusive of costs of text books, postage and internship arrangements,
  • Internship for Diploma Courses-duration of courses- one year plus internship 8 weeks under supervision (To be arranged in collaboration and arrangements of the participants for the following courses)
  • Specialist Diploma (SDCTSAC) –Counseling theory & Skills, approaches to counseling
  • Diploma  (DIP CBT) CBT and  Practical Application of CBT Skills,
  • Specialist Diploma (SDSC)School counselors program
  • Specialist Diploma  (SDCCY) -counselling children and AND/youth