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Advocacy& Promotion of the School Counselor’s Profession ,GOI, SAARC member Nations.Government of India plans to introduce counselling services in 12th plan , besides, counselling in CBSE and affiliated schools it has become MANDATORY.

As per NCERT, There has been a great demand for Guidance and Counseling services in schools to facilitate better academic performance, adjustment and career development among students so as to provide quality education to students. In this direction Govt.of India among other programmes/activities offered some programs on the subject.

Participants from SAARC nations, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Kuwait, Bhutan and Fiji were the beneficiaries of this programme. Even this expansion was not enough to meet the growing demand for the professionally trained guidance personnel in the region member Nations

The School Counseling Program is committed to developing prospective students to become School Counselors (elementary/middle/high schools to meet the demand of professionally trained School Counsellors. , it has become mandatory for CBSE,vide Shiksha Kendra”, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi No. HOD (EDUSAT)/08 March 10, 2008 Circular No 08IN ALL INSTITUTIONS AFFILIATED TO CBSE.


Raghavan Committee, constituted by the Supreme Court of India to make suggestions for prevention of ragging in educational institutions has also made a strong case for regular and periodic psychological counselling sessions for every student in the school. Though ragging is not prevalent at school level, it is necessary for schools to sensitize students about human rights, democratic values and respect for privacy and dignity of others. The right attitude is formed only at the formative period of schooling. Schools are advised to create a conducive climate that is free from fear, anxiety and stress so that children learn joyfully and learn to work together harmoniously. The following points are reiterated in this regard with an instruction to schools to implement an effective programme of counselling for students: