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As Career counselors professional, you'll be working with young people, adults, parents, teachers, employers and training providers. This course equips you with the knowledge you need to successfully advise clients on finding their way through the confusing maze of occupation/ career opportunities in Indian and global perspectives

Definition of Professional Counselling services – is the application of mental health, psychological, or human development principles, through cognitive, affective, behavioural or systematic intervention strategies. By using these strategies, professional Counsellors address wellness, personal growth. career development issues, as well as mental health pathology. Professional Counsellors have graduate training and education and often work in schools, colleges and universities, career agencies, substance abuse facilities, and clinics and hospitals.(UNESCO,WHO)

Role and Functions of Professional School Counsellors professional counsellors are uniquely empowered as campus based professionals, who help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.they collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supporting learning environments.

“ISCA National Model for comprehensive and integrated professional counseling services focuses on 8 general domains for effective applications in everyday professional students needs and activities. They are equipped to promote, support Psychological wellness of students, resilience by collaborating with all concerned stakeholders, facilitating environmental changes conducive to good health and adjustments for students, and accessing resources to address a wide variety of behavioral, learning, mental, and physical needs” (ISCA)


Career Counseling graduate students study to become experts in guiding others toward meeting their career goals. They will utilize various personality and aptitude tests to help clients discover their strengths and participate in the development of academic and career goals. The will assist their clients in resume creation, job searching and developing a professional presence. Most industries and states require career counselors to possess a master’s degree/P.G Diploma as career counselors . Career counselors work with many different populations including students and professionals. Among other things, Careers Counseling may involve helping people: Professional Careers counseling has four main elements – a) Helping individuals gain a greater self-awareness in areas of interests, values, personality style and abilities’b) Connecting students to resources so they can become knowledgeable about jobs and occupations’c)Engaging students in the decision making process, so they choose a career path wellsuited to their individual needs, abilities, values and personality’d)Assisting individuals to be active managers of their career path – such as career transitions, balancing life roles, as well as becoming life long learners to develop over their careers.


  • identify the best job for their skills and interests
  • find any job to meet their personal and financial needs
  • find a better or more appropriate job for their situation
  • achieve job satisfaction through appropriate choices
  • plan and cope with career changes
  • better adapt to the workplace
  • improve their potential for advancement in the workplace
  • Identify new career possibilities when circumstances change.

"In the modern day, many people do not have a “job for life”. People change jobs and retrain throughout their lives. This course takes into account role od Specialists Career counselors to considers how we 3 support people leaving school, college and university to decide on their future, develop their employability skills matching the career needs, undertake training and so on. ( ISCA)

Career Options in Professional Career Counseling Specialization The majority of employers prefer school counselors to hold at least a master's degree in counseling with a specialization in career development. Those who are interested in working in elementary or secondary school settings generally need a master's degree in school counseling.

As professional School Counselors K-12 and beyond, generally implement career planning and development program from the middle school class students. They are supported by the Specialists career counselors as a part of School counselors Specialist Team member. They work in public and private schools, where they meet with students individually or with entire classes for special events, such as and liase with industry and lectures and college campus recruitment information. To work in a school, counselors must be master's degree in school counseling from an accredited program. Most career guidance counselors work as a team in elementary, middle and high schools; however, some work in colleges or universities and may be called academic advisers. Those who do not work in schools find jobs in vocational rehabilitation services and individual or family services.



Why choose this course?

  • Graduates with/without teaching degree.
  • Presently not working - Graduates with teaching degree and at least two years of teaching or related experience.
  • Postgraduates in psychology/Counselors /education/social work/child development/special Education.
  • People with right aptitude to helping the student and professionals/retired professionals.
  • 4 Candidates from outside India who are not graduates but have
  • teaching degree are required to have three years of work experience in the relevant area.
  • Teachers in Service at primary/middle high/higher sec classes
  • Minimum % of marks for all target groups is 50% (5% relaxation for SC/ST).The course structure aims to
  • Develop knowledge and skills in career development and career counseling.
  • Provides an in-depth background to all aspects of career development and introduces students to basic counseling techniques.
  • Graduates are recognized as professional career development practitioners.
  • To become an accredited career Guidance Counselor WITH ISCA professional standards you should complete the Master
  • In career planning and Career Development. The course structure is designed for graduates who are interested in learning about career development and career counseling.
  • Recent developments in public policy nationally and internationally have added to the dynamic status of the field of career development. This study area consists of extensive theoretical, practice, policy and research literature. Discipline units provide an in-depth background to all aspects of career development, introduce students to basic counseling techniques, and give students experience in the application of traditional and emerging career counseling processes. You will develop advanced skills, theory and approaches in counseling.

Career outcomes


  • The field of career development has undergone significant change with the attendant demand for accountability and accreditation. Following successful completion of this study area you will be eligible to work as a career counselor, career guidance counselor for student post secondary career options..
  • These flexible online programs will see you develop specialist knowledge and skills to take on leadership roles in the area of career planning and development, and empower you with counseling skills, and apply ethical and effective practice in career development Recommended course combinations
  • Combining the Career Counseling Specialization with Professional School Counselors’ Studies Program units is a popular choice for students who wish to establish solid foundations for future promotion. Students pursuing Post Graduation in any stream , preferably- Education/sociology/home science and Psychology/social welfare may join for dual qualifications. Sample-indicative Study Modules -

Rationale & course structure

Career Planning and development counseling, a key strategy in assisting Students from k-12 individuals to understand their career decision-making issues, refers to an interpersonal process which may be conducted in individual or small group settings. Career counseling adopts methods of personal counseling in exploring life career development issues and is increasing being conceptualized as a learning process, with the career counselor as a facilitator of that learning. The course consists of core components in guidance and counseling processes and procedures, major theories of human adjustment and career development, and their application in counseling, psychological assessment and appraisal, and use of career information in guidance and counseling practices. The content also includes counseling for special groups of students, crisis situations and other issues arising from multicultural forces, globalization, industrialization etc. that have implications for guidance and counseling practices.

INDICATIVE Study Modules –Professional School Counselors Related study modules 7,9,12,13,15 and 17 are optional for other stidents

i.Module- I, 2 & 3: Introduction to counseling Skills, theory and approaches Counseling Process and Strategies

ii. Module-4. Basic principles career planning development theories, knowledge of career drivers –Contents .Scope & Nature of the Industry

  • Definitions: career, careers counseling, counselling
  • Broad employment options
  • Services offered in the employment industry
  • Assumptions about career counseling practices
  • Cross cultural careers counselling
  • Nature of Careers ...What is a career, what makes it successful?
  • Introduction
  • Elements of career building and job seeking
  • Factors contributing to career success
  • Realistic expectations

iii. Module 5 Human Development and Adjustment-areas of self development competencies and matching skills.

iv. Module-6.: Career Development—National career competencies and skills for various job clusters, Awareness of occupations

v. Module –7.setting Career goals for the students and plan for development program,

vi. Module –8: Assessment and Appraisal in Personality, Aptitudes and career portfolios, guidelines for tests

vii. Module –9. Foundation for student school success and post secondary transition. Analyze the key features of our education: structures in the main sectors (primary, secondary, further, higher and adult/community education); and current policy issues in new government.

VII : Module 10,career planning for Female (related careers) and minority students –an optional approach for the students.

Vii .Module,11. Data base / resources –national career development guidelines, vocational courses and skills and competencies development program, (public domain resources guidelines)

viii. Module –12 Employability - necessary skills and competencies, Guidance for action.

ix. Module –13 design and setting up a comprehensive career centre to assist students to develop the essential skills for making well understood educational transition and career decisions:

x. Module –14. : Developing Mental Health and Coping Skills

xi. Module-15. School Counselors’ Specialist Team : Career Developmenttests career assessment personality, Aptitude and career potential

xii. Module –16. National/public and private sectors XII : Career Information in Guidance and Counseling-II

xiii. Module 17.–Creating transition program/plan for k-12 graders,: Assessment and Appraisal in helping students imagine their future.

xiv. Module –18. Basic National policies and Statistics in employment/labor market

Xv. Module 19. case studies project work
2 years –distance mode

Assessment Program structure in distance mode

The course study modules are couriered to the students, giving the flexibility to design your study plan around life and work demands. You’ll develop and apply your understanding of career planning and development skills in a diverse range of educational and professional settings in both domestic and global reach.

The Masters’ is made up of 60 credit points, 12 study modules with total 8.assignments. Provision – recognition of your previous qualifications, experience considered for reduction this duration.RPQ) . They work in a range of settings, providing services to both groups and individuals, including: Schools/colleges/ universities business organizations government agencies Private practice. Career counselors or advisors career management consultant’s rehabilitation counselors


AN AFFORDABLE can be paid in max TWO instalments Registration Rs1500/-+Rs 1200/-

Courier charges Domestic;-

1. Masters – Rs 44000/- 2 years (U K GB POUND 2200/- FOR STUDENTS FROM ABROAD)


3. ALL P G/adv DIP- 6-8 MONTHS-6 MODULES Rs 22000/-

4. P G dip CERTI COURSES Rs14000/- 3-4MODULES 3-4Months.

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7. Future options to utilize the course/professional knowledge, specialist skills of counselling & psychotherapy profession Signature Date place Dr. Vani Deepika, M.Sc (Psych)L.L.M, Adv Dip R.D, P.G Dip (CBT),PhD (Psych & Counseling) Course Coordinator& Faculty e mail vanideepi@gmail.com- Prof mohan-040-27800590/9394323038,h.m.kulshrestha@gmail.com ENCLOSURES REQUIRED _ 1, Application duly filled, 2.copy of highest qualification, 3.one passport photo and 4.crossed cheque for the respective course fee in favor of IISP,SC&G-SECUNDERABAD IISP,S C& G,35 KPC, WEST MARREDPALLY, SECUNDERABAD-500026,A.P U K OFFICE -FLAT 82. ELECTRON TOWER, 12, BLACK WALL WAY, LONDON E 14 9 G B , U K