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About Us

The HMJ is a non for-profit organization set up in Hyderabad. It started initially, as HMJ Counseling & Psychotherapy Centre; and played a leading role in providing guidance and support to students, adults school administrators and counselors and psychotherapists working with children and young people for over a decade.

HMJ as an accredited charity; that delivers school-based counseling/ intervention services to vulnerable students and their families,

It developed appropriate courses to address root causes of problems that prevent children from succeeding at schools, problems in relationships between home and school and between family members. Its founders had upfront working experience in offering counseling services to the disadvantaged people and support to at-risk, vulnerable children ages K-12 and adolescents In an international NGOs for over decades.

HMJ ’s initiative to set up institute of school psychology is an adaptive from the ongoing School Counseling concept followed in more than 53 counties of the world. The Institute is constituted by trustees’ resources as a not for profit entity. This NGO is supported by admissions, membership’s donations, grants and volunteers of all ages. It has adopted volunteer project developing dynamic hands–on programs which encourage social service attitudes towards not so fortunate school children and youth; and need help and in turn thus gives full happiness of self-worth potential for the society.

Dr. Howard Gardner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education – the father of “Multiple Intelligences” – suggests that individuals perceive the world in at least eight different, equally important ways. Research suggests that the more senses we use, the deeper and broader the degree of learning for improved change.