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BACP, U K.,Health care , BACP U K Counselling children & Young People

Indian Institute of School Psychology, School Counselling & Guidance is an organizational member of the British Association for Counseling & Psychotherapy U K.

Benefits of undertaking an IISP course

IISP is the ONLY partnered Institute of India with PREMIER PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATION -BACP. U.K, B A CP, Health care & B A C P   u k, Counselling Children & Young People ; IISP AS ORGANISATION MEMBER STATUS, Other consortium partners of B A C P. U K comprises of :

·         Royal college of Pediatrics’ and child health,

·         Royal College of Psychiatrists,

·         Royal college of Nursing,

·         Royal College of G.Ps,

·         British Psychological Society,

·         National Children’ Bureau,

·         Young mind 

                                                                                    As an Organizational Member of BACP we are bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Ethical Guidelines for Researching Counselling and Psychotherapy and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure for the time being in force.


For further information about BACP, visit their website.

The Hon'ble Supreme court of India also maintained that status quo of the order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court (FAO No.205/92) Dt. 18.11.1998 by which it has been ordered that any legally constituted institution imparting Educational facilities in the filed a Alternative Medicines may issue diploma/certificate and holders of such diploma/certificate are entitled to practice the particular Faculty/Faculties covered by the said Diploma/Certificates.







The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is one of the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution in the field of alternative / complementary medicines and health promotion in India. The syllabus of the various courses of the Board are as per standard of and based on the syllabus prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Government of India and various other national and international universities, premiere medical institutions and important societies working in the field of alternative medicines.

  • Such a practitioner shall be known as a Registered Medical Practitioner (R.M.P.).




  • Global Peace University, Netherlands
  • International Union for Health promotion and Education, France
  • Traditional Healers Organization, Switzerland
  • International Association of Educators for World Peace. U.S.A
  • National Research Institute for Self Understanding INC. Canada
  • The International University, U.S.A
  • East West University of Holistic Health Sciences, U.S.A
  • World Federation of Holistic Life & Medicine, Italy
  • Comision De Educacion a Distancia (CODE), Spain
  • International Research Institute for Natural Medicines, Japan
  • Sohaku – in Foundation for Oriental Medicine, Brazil
  • International Institution of Traditional Medicines, Malaysia 
  • Indiana Institute for Complementary Medicines, U.S.A
  • The Northern Institute of Massage, U.K.
  • Vedic University of America, U.S.A.
  • The Israeli College of Natural Health Sciences, Israel
  • Health & Healing Centre, Switzerland
  • International Institute of Clinic and Medical Hypnosis, U.K. 
  • Centro Di Bioetica Della Nobile Accademia Di Santa Teodora Imperatrice, Italy 
  • Centre of Bioethics and Human Rights of the International University Saadaud 
  • National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practioners
  • New World Mission International University, South Africa
  • RPA Holistic Wellness Academy, Malaysia
  • ACONT (Australian Committee of Natural Therapies) Inc., Australia
  • Amen Professional Colleges, Ghana
  • Academy of Traditional Systems of Health-Improvement and Human Development, Russia
  • Creative Health Care Nigeria Ltd., Nigeria
  • Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy and Spiritual Medicine, Serbia
  • Therapeutica  Holistica, Mexico
  • Institute for Preventive Medicine and Atelier for Natural Health, Netherlands Antille 
  • World Association of Integrated Medicines, U.S.A.
  •  IBAM Academy, Kolkata
  • Ropar Nature Cure Centre, Punjab
  • Kasturba Medical College of Alternative Medicines,Bihar
  • S. D. Alternaive Medical College, Jamshedpur
  • Holy Angels College of Alternative Medicines,Mumbai
  • Alternative Medicare Institute, New Delhi
  • Indian Celltherapy Institute, Tamil Nadu
  • C. G. Alternative Medical College and Research Centre, Chattisgarh
  • Dr.Anand’s Alternative medical College, Chattisgarh
  • Citadel Institute of Holistic Medicines, Kerala
  • Indian Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Tamil Nadu
  • North East Medical College of Alternative Medicines, Assam
  • Grameen Vidyapeeth, Maharastra
  • Physiotherapy Centre, Malaysia
  • Delhi Institute of Alternative Medicines, Delhi
  • National Institute of Alternative Medicines, New Delhi
  • Dr. N. N. Alternative Medical & Para Medical College,Chattisgarh
  • H.G.R. Institute of Medical Science, Chattisgarh
  • Raipur Alternative Medical College & Physiotherapy Centre, Chattisgarh
  • Academy of Health & Integrated Medical Systems,Kerala
  • Guwahati Paramedical Training Institute (P) Ltd.,Kamrup
  • Bangalore Institute of Medical Sciences & Research,Bangalore
  • Bharathi Educational & Social Trust, Tamil Nadu
  • Institute of Medical Technology, Assam
  • Bangladesh Technical College of Ultrasound in Medicine, Bangladesh
  • Jharkhand Institute of Medical Sciences, Jharkhand
  • Patna Institute of Alternative Medicines, Bihar
  • Jing Well Academy of Education, Research & Charitable Trust, Karnataka
  • S. S. E. H. M. Alterntive Medical College, Chattisgarh
  • Chirawa Training Institute of Medical Course,Rajasthan
  • Shri Sai Institute of Medical Technology, Sangrur,Punjab
  • Jamshedpur Institute of Para Medical Technology,Jharkhand
  • Cellpathy Academy, India, Tamil Nadu
  • Southern Institute of Alternative Medicines Society, Karnataka
  • North East Paramedical Training Institute & Technology, Assam
  • E.R.S.S. Mustafa Unani Medical College & Hospital,Assam
  • Lower Assam Academy for Paramedcal Science & Research, Goalpara
  • Prfulatta Institute of Naturopathy & Yogik Sciences Trust, Ahmedabad
  • Para Medical Training Institute, Nagaland
  • Achiever Institute, Gujarat
  • Darsanalaya Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research, New Delhi
  • Punjab Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research Centre, Punjab
  • NLP Hypnotherapy Centre India, Delhi
  • Regional Institute of Medical Science, Orissa
  • International Institute of Sensational Science Echoism, Maharashtra
  • Arunachal Community College, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Science of Mind College, Mumbai
  • Vindheshwari Jyotish Medical Research Institute,Punjab
  • Danvantri Institute of Medical Science, Tamil Nadu
  • Damkan Institute of Paramedical Science & Applied Technologies, Assam
  • Smile Health Center, Uttaranchal
  • Ten Dimensions Institute of Alternative Medicines,Uttar Pradesh
  • Modern Institute of Medical Sciences & Technology,Orissa
  • Institute of Indian Nursing School & Paramedical Technology, Andhra Pradesh
  • Inamdar Regional Educational & Charitable Trust,Karnataka
  • S.Kumar ACS Hospital, Medical and Paramedical Research Institute, Imphal East (Manipur )
  • Blossom Human Resourse Education and Charitable Trust, Tamilnadu
  • Bapu Dham Sanjivni Paramedical College, Bihar
  • Indian Institute of School Psychology, School Counseling & Guidance, Andhra Pradesh
  • Arunachal Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital (AIMSH), Arunachal Pradesh
  • Vivekananda Institue of Alternative Medicines, Alwar, Rajasthan
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Alternative Medicines, Siwan, Bihar



Besides the numerous stalwarts from the field of alternative medicines, the Board’s conferences have come to the attention of international figures and dignitaries from around the world who have been most forthcoming in their praise and support of these events. Prominent amongst those who have expressed their support are the WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, thePresident and Vice-President of India, Government Ministers and international world renowned personalities such as Mother Teresa, the Dalia Lama, Queen Elizabeth, Rev. Desmond Tutu and UN Secretary Generals. The importance of these occasions is amply reflected by the participation of Mother Teresa, state governors, union and state level ministers, chief justices, judges and diplomats.